Outdoor Storage Shed 7×7 Feet Weatherproof Resin Shed with 34 Inch Garden Tool & Sports Storage Rack


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  • Feel a sense of reassurance with this Storage Shed product package comes with a 7 x 7 storage shed with utility hooks and 1 34 inch tool and sports rack for sheds
  • Shed contains 2 windows and utility hooks for all the tools and items you need plus it is 332 cubic feet large, which can fit a riding mower and many more
  • Made and constructed with quality double wall plastic that provides resistance to water leaks, unpleasant dents, and all types of outdoor elements and weather
  • Storage hooks are the ideal rack for storing long-handled tools and sports equipment on the back wall of your shed clearing up floor space for more storage
  • This storage shelf is made out of heavy duty materials that can hold and sustain weights of up to 50 pounds of tools, supplies, and any other equipment that you need to store.

Want to keep your precious gardening tools, hoses, and lawnmower to keep it safe and away from the harsh environment and even prying eyes? This storage shed is great for storing items likes tools, large sporting goods, and even your riding lawn mowers to increase the durability and longevity of your beloved utility items. Its fashionable style mixes well with your outside space. Durable, double wall surface construction offers your tools safety and security. Outside storage sheds allows you to add shelving, pegboards, and other utility hooks. The outdoor storage shed is maintenance-free and is built to prevent any form of leaking or denting by the outdoor environment. It is easy to construct and turns out sturdy and the impact immune outdoor flooring creates added durability. Get the most out of your storage with this 7 x 7 Feet Storage Shed. Organize the interior of your shed with the included Tool and Sports Shed Storage Rack. You can hang or lean your tools in this rack and it is also ideal for storing long-handled tools likes brooms, mops, and sports equipment on the back wall clearing up the outdoor flooring of your shed to give space for other items. This rack can hold up to 50 pounds of equipment and is designed for fast, easy installation and setup.